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Dear Parents, 

Thank you so much for coming to our classroom!  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this school year.  I am anticipating a great year, and I am praying that the Lord will work through the days and months ahead in bringing academic spiritual growth to your child.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child!

Every 1-2 weeks I will send an email to update you on important dates.

 Never hesitate to call/text/email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

 Email:  elizabeth.plumb@indianachristianacademy.org

Thank you for your cooperation, and please pray for us as we work together to make this a great school year.


Miss Elizabeth Plumb


Tentative Test/Quiz Dates:    

Weekly spelling pretests will always be on Wednesdays and weekly spelling tests will always be on Fridays.

Weekly Reading Comprehension tests will always be on Mondays.


Friday, May 19

*** Bring ice cream toppings for ice cream party

Monday, May 22

Camp Outta Here tomorrow - activity dress 

Tuesday, May 23

Camp Outta Here - Regular dismissal at 3:10 pm

Wednesday, May 24

Camp Outta Here - Early dismissal at 1:15 pm

Thursday, May 25

Camp Outta Here - Early dismissal at 1:15 pm

Friday, May 26

Awards Ceremony - Early dismissal at approximately 10:00 am