We need your help to fund our student scholarships for low-income families. See the benefits of donating to an SGO scholarship! 

why donate?

The leverage provided by the tax credit has allowed us to easily double what we would otherwise give. As a business leader and member of our community, it feels great to have our local government encourage generosity toward such a critical and strategic arena.”
— SGO Donor

Do you believe that Indiana families should be able to choose the best educational setting for their K-12 students? Do you believe that their choices should not be limited by their income level? Would you like to support scholarships for eligible students enrolled in participating schools across the state of Indiana, or perhaps designate a donation for students of a particular school?

If so, the tax credit scholarship program may be just the investment for you. In addition to supporting Indiana students, you will receive a state tax credit equal to 50% of the amount of your donation. 

My giving to Sagamore SGO achieves an important objective of targeting my giving to benefit those who desire to have more educational choices. I also feel strongly that it can equip parents with more options so they can make the best educational decision for their children and their family.
— SGO Donor

donor faqs

What is the Sagamore Institute?
Sagamore is an Indianapolis-based public policy research organization that promotes education excellence. Sagamore’s Scholarships for Education Choice program is certified by the State of Indiana as a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO).

Is there a limit to how much I can give and still receive the tax credit?
No, there is no limit on your donations. The credit is applied to your state tax liability. It may be carried forward up to nine subsequent years, but may not be carried back or refunded.

Who receives the scholarships?
Indiana K-12 students who meet the income eligibility guidelines and attend a participating school.

Can I designate a school or student to receive my gift?
Yes, and no. You may designate one of our participating schools to receive your gift. However, SGO donations may not designate a particular student; this would be considered a tuition payment and is not eligible for a tax credit.

how to give

  1. Donate via mail by filling out this donor form and mailing it in to the Sagamore Institute.

  2. Donate Online through our partnership with iDonate, using a credit card or checking account to set up a one-time or recurring donation. Visit our website at s4ec.com, click on Donors and then Online Donations.

  3. Donate Stocks or Securities through our Single Charity Fund with the National Christian Foundation. You will need to complete a donation form available on our website at s4ec.com, click on Donors and then Donate Non Cash Assets. Our giving fund name is SGO at Sagamore Institute Single Charity Fund and the number is 941785.

  4. Donors over 70 and a half may give using a direct contribution from an IRA (qualified charitable distribution). Contact us or the institution that holds your IRA for additional information.

Many employer matching programs will match gifts made to the SGO!