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Students at Indiana Christian Academy gain much more than an education. With extracurricular activities and numerous opportunities to grow and stretch themselves personally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, keeping up with your student may be a challenge, but the benefits you both will reap are tremendous! See what we have to offer!


Not only does Indiana Christian Academy offer a full-day daycare program (at a fraction of the cost of other schools!), but we also offer a structured environment to stimulate creativity and lay an excellent foundation for future learning. Your preschool child will begin early, learning Biblical truths, the alphabet, numbers, phonics, writing, social skills, opposites, colors, shapes, seasons, weather, animals, insects, nutrition, and much, much more! Few areas of our school are as busy or as vibrant as our preschool classrooms! Each child’s needs are considered, and each child is loved and learns as an individual.


More than a program of games and activities (although we include a good helping of that, too!), our kindergarten is truly the first step on the road to academic acumen and future success. Our well-trained, loving teachers provide an outstanding environment where students learn to read, print, count, and express themselves in many ways. Biblical-based teaching also provides the groundwork for future studies in Math, Language Arts, Music, Science, and Art. Students who satisfactorily complete this program participate in a special cap and gown graduation in May.


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The most formative years of a child’s life are those spent in elementary school. All children begin forming beliefs, habits, and morals that will guide their decisions for the future. At Indiana Christian Academy, we seek to ensure that those years are directed first by the Lord and second by the wise and loving hands of experienced, dedicated teachers. Each elementary teacher instructs our students in foundational elements of learning such as Bible, English, Reading, Health, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Spelling, Phonics, Music, and Art. All students are able to take piano lessons from our gifted music faculty as well!

Each class plans special events and field trips each year to add to the educational experience. Visit each class’s page to see what exciting events your child has to look forward to!

Our fourth grade students have the opportunity to begin participating in the elementary choir and taking music lessons on the various band instruments. Once students reach the fifth grade, they are eligible to join the Elementary Band, as well as continue singing in the choir and taking private lessons.

Junior High School

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The middle school years can often be difficult for parents and students alike. Our faculty and staff endeavor to exercise patience, love, and understanding to these especially vulnerable young people. An important part of their education is the extracurricular activities they get to enjoy. Besides offering classes in Bible, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Physical Education, and Literature, our junior high students are encouraged to get involved in school dramatic productions, athletics, and the various choir and band ensembles.

At the beginning of each school year, our junior and senior high students enjoy 3 days at school camp. This provides an opportunity for our faculty and staff to get to know each student, as well as for the students to form friendships and grow spiritually. It’s a wonderful time of refreshment and fun for everyone. All students are required to attend.

Each spring, the junior high students have the opportunity to compete in the IACS State Fine Arts, Bible, and Academic Meet in Indianapolis. The students work hard to present their best and are awarded for their efforts.

At the completion of the junior high years, our eighth grade students enjoy a special graduation ceremony, looked forward to by each middle school student.

Senior High School

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While the earliest years at ICA seemed to be filled with the greatest life and energy, the final four years are equally filled with excitement, anticipation, and activity. As a college-preperatory school, Indiana Christian Academy offers many courses to help your child be ready to face the demands of a college education. We offer Bible, English, the Sciences, History, Geography, Government, Economics, Physical Education, Health, Computer and Word Processing, Algebra and higher Mathematics, Speech, Foreign Languages, and Home Economics. Our students are also encouraged to participate in drama, choir, band, and handbells.

Our fine arts department is well-known across the state and has received numerous awards both at the state and national levels. Students are able to compete in the IACS State Fine Arts, Bible, and Academic Meet in March, and winners at this level are often eligible to compete on the national level at the American Association of Christian Schools National Competition in April at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Also, students compete at other fine arts meets from time to time.

The Whirlwind athletic program is ever growing and changing. We offer basketball and soccer for the young men and volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading for the young women. Athletics are important at Indiana Christian Academy, but they are not overemphasized. As we seek to educate the whole person, we give our greatest to attention to academics and strengthening the soul and mind.

Senior high students enjoy school camp and special activities such as the Junior/Senior Banquet, community involvement, and field trips. At the completion of their educational experience, our seniors enjoy a much-anticipated senior trip and the highlight of their years here-a very special graduation ceremony in May.

It’s impossible to condense 15 years of education into so few words. Why not visit our school and see for yourself just how exciting and rewarding an excellent Christian education can be!