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Indiana Christian Academy seeks to provide the best curriculum to not only educate the student but also to challenge the student to achieve higher academic goals. Our curriculum is largely purchased from BJU Press, A Beka Book, Saxon, and other publishers. We carefully screen any materials we put into the students’ hands to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.



Many daycares and preschools today are little more than a baby-sitting service. At ICA, your preschool child will begin early, learning Biblical truths, the alphabet, numbers, phonics, writing, social skills, opposites, colors, shapes, seasons, weather, animals, insects, nutrition, and much, much more! Within a few weeks of school, our preschool students are behaving better than their peers and learning new things every day. You’ll be amazed at how affordable it is to give your child the best!


The Biblical-based teaching our kindergarten students receive provides the groundwork for future studies in Math, Language Arts, Music, Science, and Art. Each year, our kindergartners perform at their graduation ceremony, demonstrating their newfound skills in counting to 100, reading, reciting, singing, and more.


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Each elementary teacher instructs our students in foundational elements of learning such as Bible, English, Reading, Health, Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Spelling, Phonics, Music, and Art. Each builds upon the next, but our loving, dedicated teachers are always available to give extra attention to those students who may need it. With foundational skills and knowledge such as this, the elementary student at Indiana Christian Academy is well-prepared for the challenging years ahead.

Junior High

Junior High students enjoy classes in Bible, English, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Ancient and Modern World History, Physical Education, and Literature. Our students have fewer choices of classes in the middle school years to allow for extra attention and focus on areas of difficulty as well as time to adjust to the faster paced curriculum.

Senior High

As a college-preparatory school, we are proud to offer Bible, English, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, US History, Geography, Government, Economics, Physical Education, Health, Computer and Word Processing, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Speech, Foreign Languages, and Home Economics. With so many choices and opportunities, your children are fully-prepared and more than equipped to attend any college of his or her choosing. Our graduates have gone on to pursue many varying types of degrees, from teachers to medical doctors to business professionals and engineers. Nearly all graduates remark that their education at Indiana Christian Academy gave them a definite advantage in the college classroom.

Grading Policies

Grading Scale

The grade reporting system at Indiana Christian Academy is designed to give parents and students an indication of the progress which is being made.

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90-100 | A: Excellent

80-89 | B: Above Average

70-79 | C: Average

60-69 | D: Below Average

0-60 | F: Failing

Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, and High School

In the kindergarten through high school, students are evaluated every nine weeks of school. The grades are based on the quality and accuracy of homework, quizzes, tests, exams, projects, etc. Helpful comments, both positive and negative, about a particular class or the behavior of the student in general are also included in this evaluation.

Progress Reports

Student progress reports for grades K5 - 12 will go out four times a year at the halfway point of each quarter. Progress reports are to be signed by the parents and returned to the homeroom teacher the following school day.

Honor Roll

An honor roll is compiled each nine-week grading period and is made up of the following:

“A” Honor Roll - Students who have made all “A’s” or “A-‘s”
“B” Honor Roll - Students who have made all “A’s” and “B’s”

If a student has incomplete grades when the teacher submits grades, he/she will automatically be disqualified from the Honor Roll.


Indiana Christian Academy’s graduation requirements are based upon the Indiana State Department of Education’s Core 40 regulations.

Core 40 with Academic Honors

This diploma would be earned if  the following is accomplished:

  • All 61 credits are earned.
  • Earn all A’s or B’s for semester grades with only one C allowed.
  • Have GPA of 3.5 or better.
  • Score a 26 or higher composite on the ACT, or earn a combined score of 1200 or higher on the SAT critical reading and mathematics.

Academic Eligibility

In order to keep the academics in its rightful preeminent place, students who fail to maintain a 76% average (unrounded) will be placed on academic ineligibility. Grades will be checked at each report card. Ineligibility will be in effect until the next report card is sent home. Students on academic ineligibility will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities during that period of time.

Required Courses

These are the required courses for each class in the high school.


  • Bible 9
  • English 9
  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra I or Geometry
  • World Geography
  • Integrated Science
  • P.E.
  • Computer 1


  • Bible 10
  • English 10
  • Algebra 1, Geometry or Algebra II
  • World History
  • Biology
  • P.E.
  • Elective


  • Bible 11
  • English 11
  • Geometry, Algebra II or Precalculus
  • US History
  • Elective #1
  • Elective #2
  • Elective #3


  • Bible 12
  • English 12
  • Government /Economics
  • Speech
  • Elective #1
  • Elective #2
  • Elective #3


Here is a list of the electives offered each year to high school students.

  • Advanced Computer
  • Algebra II
  • Band
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Choir
  • Home Economics
  • Physics
  • French I & II
  • Spanish I & II
  • Precalculus
  • Yearbook

Seniors who lack more than one credit will not be permitted to go on Senior Trip or march in commencement exercises. Children in families who owe more than one month of tuition will not be allowed to participate in the graduation exercises.

Homework Policy

Academics at Indiana Christian Academy are more important than any extracurricular activity and challenge the student to think beyond the classroom and beyond his or her own experiences. Our belief is that homework should reinforce what was taught in the classroom and provide accountability for the student. Each teacher reserves the right to assign homework as he or she sees fit, guided by these general policies:

  1. Homework will be given for the purpose of drill, practice, remedial activity and special projects.
  2. Each student should do his/her own work. It will be considered cheating if work is copied from another source or is done by someone else.
  3. Less than average homework will be assigned on Wednesdays, so as to encourage Wednesday church attendance.
  4. Parents will often be required to sign the assignment book for all elementary students and academically ineligible junior high students. Teachers may also require signatures on homework sheets and tests for the secondary students.
  5. When homework is late, the grade will be lowered according to the teacher’s class policy.
  6. When a secondary student is absent, he/she is responsible for finding out what was covered in class during his/her absence.
  7. Except for extreme cases, homework, projects and tests due during an absence must be turned in or made up in the same amount of time after returning.
  8. Elective classes may be dropped only during the first three weeks of the semester without the penalty of an “F” for the semester.