As a ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Anderson, Indiana Christian Academy was founded in 1973 by Dr. Don Camp. The Academy is a member of the Indiana Association of Christian Schools and its parent organization, the American Association of Christian Schools. We are also accredited by the state approved American Association of Christian Schools.

In its 43rd year of existence, many cosmetic changes have taken place at our school, but the foremost purpose of ICA remains to develop Christ-like character in the life of each student. God’s Word stands as the absolute upon which all academics and activities can be solidly built.



Indiana Christian Academy believes that all truth is God’s truth and everything we do and study comes from Him since He is the Creator of all things.  We do not believe there is a dichotomy between those things that are spiritual and those that are not.  Therefore our educational goals are built upon an understanding of God’s desire for His children as He instructed in His Word and are based upon His demonstration of this in the life of Jesus found in Luke 2:52. 

Spiritual Development Goals

  • To see each student of Indiana Christian Academy trust Jesus Christ as his own personal Savior.
  • To encourage each student to make it a priority to know Christ personally and serve him passionately. 
  • To develop within each student an understanding of their spiritual role within God's kingdom and all the gifts God has given them to accomplish that role for his glory. 

Academic Development Goals

  • To develop in each student basic skills and a level of achievement that help make each student successful as a child of God and also a citizen of God's kingdom.
  • To equip all levels of students to be able to be prepared to embark on the next level of education. 

Social Development Goals

  • To assist students in having a strong, Biblically-based moral compass that helps them discern right from wrong, and instill in them the conviction to do right no matter the outcome.

Physical Development Goals

  • To help students develop their gifts and abilities so that they can use them for the glory of God.
  • To teach students the importance of self-discipline in the mortification of our body for Christ's service.