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Perhaps second to our academics emphasis is our fine arts emphasis. Music is a special gift, given to us from the Lord, and we at Indiana Christian Academy seek to train our students to appreciate the best that music has to offer. And music is often well-complemented by dramatic productions and speech. Students on the elementary and secondary levels are encouraged to explore this area and compete in state and national meets. With the proper instruction, both music and drama can be used for the glory of God and the enjoyment of others!

Music Program

God has graciously allowed ICA to have an excellent music program. Our staff are dedicated musicians and have a passion for our students to minister with their music. Our school offers a high quality elementary and high school band, elementary and high school choirs, and handbells and hand chimes. Throughout the school year, students in these groups minister to folks in hospital and nursing homes. They compete in the Indiana Association of Christian Schools (IACS) state competitions and perform well. 

Speech and Drama

The drama program at Indiana Christian Academy exists to edify and instruct others as well as put into practice that which is learned in the classroom. In alternating years, students will participate in a Christmas drama or a spring play. The students are also encouraged to perform in various areas of drama at the state fine arts competition.