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Indiana Christian Academy will again be having a spring intramural soccer program for boys and girls in grades one through six. Thank you to all who participated last year to make it such a success. The purpose of the league is to introduce basic soccer skills to the elementary children and begin to show them what is needed to play in school athletics. While fun and fitness will be a big part of the program, it will also include important lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, and following directions. Depending on the level of interest, we hope to have four teams. The practices will begin April 10. There will 4 games. Please keep the attached schedule for practice and game dates and times. The cost for each child will be $20.00, which will include a team shirt. Athletic shorts that touch the knee, or sweat pants are permitted for practices and games. Shin guards for the athlete’s protection are required and cleats are recommended. If your child is interested, please fill out the form below and send back to school or fill out the form online by Thursday, April 6.


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