ICA  6th Grade Seatwork & Homework

Thank you for visiting our Sixth Grade Class Page!  Here you will find

daily seatwork (work students complete at school) and homework.

I encourage every student to do their best each day as they follow

our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

In Christ,

Mr. Barnes 

(Please note: wp = workbook page/pages)

(sw = seatwork & hw = homework)




Friday Jan 19 ______________________________________

Bible: Write Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 1x sw,   1x hw    FT   wp 141-142

Spelling: Write List 19 (1-30) 1x sw,    1x hw  FT

Math: Chapter 6 Test is today

English: wp 151-152   Chapter 8 Review   

Paper, Bibliography, and Outline is due Monday;    Test is Tuesday

History: wp 139-140

Science: wp 155

Reading: wp 135-136




Monday Jan 22 ______________________________________

Bible: Write Ecclesiastes 3:4-6  1x sw,   1x hw   wp 143-144

Spelling: Write List 20 (1-30) & bold defs.  1x sw, 1x hw                                

Math: p 144-146  q 1-25   Do all

English: Paper , Bibliography, and Outline due today

English Chapter 8 Test is Tuesday (tomorrow)

History: wp 141

Science: wp 156

Reading: 135-136





Tuesday Jan 23 ______________________________________

Bible: Write  Ecclesiastes 3:4-6  1x sw,   1 hw   wp 145-146

Spelling: Write List 20 (1-40) 1x sw,   Do top of 2nd p.

Math: Review: No new assignment

English:  Chapter 8 Test is today

History: wp 142   Do "Define" and "Locate" sections

Science: textbook p. 232 Do "words to Know" words 1-20

Reading: Comprehension Quiz






Wednesday   Jan 24 ______________________________________

Bible: Write Ecclesiastes 3:4-6 1x sw, 1 x hw

Spelling: Write List 20 (1-30) 1 x sw , 1 x hw

Math: Incentive trip  -   No new assignment today

English: Review

History: Review

Science: Review

Reading: Review  






Thursday Jan 25 ______________________________________

Bible: Write  Ecclesiastes 3:4-6 1x sw,    1x hw    wp 147-148

Spelling: Write List 20 (1-30)  1x sw,  1x hw   bottom 1/2 of 2nd p.  

Math: p 150-151 q 1-39  Do odds

English: wp 153-154

History: wp 142   Do "Tell About" and "Explain" sections

Science: textbook p. 232 Do "Words to Know" words 21-29 & “Key Ideas”

Reading: wp 137-138






Friday Jan 26 ______________________________________

Bible: Write  Ecclesiastes 3:4-6    1x sw,        FT

Spelling: Write List 20 (1-30) 1x sw,     FT

Math:     Art Today :    No new Math assignment

English: wp 155-156

History: wp 142   Do "Be Able To" section  (numbers 1-8)

Science: textbook p. 232 Do "Solve the Problem” section

Reading: Comprehension Quiz