Welcome to Second Grade! 

I am so glad to have you in my class! On this class page, you will find homework and upcoming announcements and reminders. 


Links to our spelling list, Bible verse, and the reading homework page are below.

Please sign and return the reading homework page each Monday. Please make sure your child is doing their homework nightly. They will receive a “Homework Notice” Paper each day they do not turn in their homework, and they will receive a warning slip after the 1st time.

Homework Helps

MobyMax- Your child has a set up account with MobyMax. Your child will logon to his or her student account and be able to practice their phonics, reading, and math facts.


Math- Throughout the year, your child will be learning many math facts. Starting the first week, each student will be assigned to work on their addition flashcards. You can practice the addition with the flashcards, and your child can also practice independently with an addition game. You can choose the addition families you want to practice before you play. Your child will be able to practice and have some fun while they practice too! :-)

Flurry of Flavors - Addition and subtractions games

Ants Go Marching - Addition and subtraction games


 Upcoming Dates