homework for the week of September 24th-28TH

BIBLE;  Genesis 13 :15; “For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever.”                         (Know by Friday October 5th)

SPELLING;    LIST #4;  (When you hear a k sound at the end of a word and the vowel is short, write ck. If the vowel is long, write ke.)

  1. back

  2. bake

  3. lick

  4. like

  5. snack

  6. snake

  7. brick

  8. clock

  9. shake

  10. broke

  11. come

  12. to

    (Final test Friday, October 5th.  (Practice writing dictated sentences.)

PHONICS;    Chart #7;  br in bride,  dr in drum,  pr in pray,  gr in grin, sm in smoke, sc in scake, sp in spade, cr in crab, tw in twin, spl in sprain, scr in scream.       

READING;  Monday;  Snickers - Tiptoes pages 67-71 

                                         Milky Ways - Tiptoes pages 67-71

                                         Butterfingers - Fun with Pets - Finish to page 95

                      Tuesday;  Snickers - Tiptoes pages 72-79

                                         Milky Ways - Tiptoes pages 72-79

                                         Butterfingers - Fun with Pets pages 96-101

                      Wednesday;  Complete reading assignments. 

                      Thursday;  Fall Break

Friday; Fall Break

MATH;  Study subtraction facts.

HISTORY;  Seasons.

SCIENCE;  Weather.