homework for the week of NOVEMBER 19th - 23rd

BIBLE;  Recite Psalm 150  

SPELLING;    (NO spelling this week )

PHONICS;  Chart #9   ing in pointing, kn in knot, gn in gnat, ang in bang, ing in king, ong in long, ung in strung, ank in bank, ink in wink, onk in honk, unk in trunk, wa in wash,  a in adopt, y in baby,  le in little, -ed in wanted, -ed in looked, -ed in played.

READING;  Monday;  Snickers - Stepping Stones pages 95-100

                                         Milky Ways - Stepping Stones pages 95-100

                                         Butterfingers - Tiptoes pages 76-79

                      Tuesday;  Snickers - Stepping Stones pages

                                         Milky Ways - Stepping Stones pages

                                         Butterfingers - Tiptoes pages

                      Wednesday;  Complete reading assignments. 

                      Thursday;  Snickers - Stepping Stones pages

                                          Milky Ways - Stepping Stones pages

                                          Butterfingers - Tiptoes pages

Friday; Finish all reading not completed.

MATH;  Equal parts of a whole.

HISTORY;  Pilgrims