homework for the week of january 21st - 25th

BIBLE;  Proverbs 17:17a; “A friend loveth at all times…”

(Know by Friday)  

SPELLING;   List #17

  1. pink

  2. drink

  3. think

  4. honk

  5. sung

  6. sang

  7. king

  8. string

  9. thing

  10. trunk

  11. thank

  12. bank

  13. strong

  14. where

  15. I’m

    (Pretest Thrusday, final Friday)

PHONICS;  Chart #10 wh in whale, wh in who, tch in patch, esr in esr, ear in bear, ear in earth, old in gold, mb in lamb, ew in flew, ew in few, -y in rainy, - er bigger, -est in biggest, -ly in slowly, -en in sharpen, -es in peaches, ild in child, ind in kind.

Chart #11 o in shovel, a in banana, c in city, au in faucet, aw in saw, ea in leaf, ea in thread, ea in steak, ie in brownie, ey in key, ey in obey,


                      Tuesday;  Snickers - Secrets and Surprises pages 147-169

                                         Milky Ways - Secrets and Surprises pages 147-169

                                         Butterfingers - Stepping Stones pages 76-84

                      Wednesday;  Complete reading assignments. Sign and returned envelope.  

                      Thursday;  Snickers - Secrets and Surprises pages 170-184

                                          Milky Ways - Secrets and Surprises pages 170-184

                                          Butterfingers - Stepping Stones pages 85-91

Friday; Finish all reading not completed.

MATH;  Subtracting ones and tens.

HISTORY;  Your state.

SCIENCE; Matter.