homework for the week of march 18th-march 22nd

BIBLE;  Romans 10:14a; “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?” (Know by Friday)  

SPELLING;   List #24

  1. hop

  2. hops

  3. hopped

  4. hopping

  5. rub

  6. rubs

  7. rubbed

  8. rubbing

  9. skipped

  10. hitting

  11. hugged

  12. getting

  13. pinned

  14. don’t

  15. were (Pretest Wednesday, final Friday)

PHONICS;  Chart #12; a- in asleep, al in also, be in because, en in enjoy, un in unbutton, wr in wrinkle, ould in could, air in hair, u in push, ough in enough, arr in carry, ire in fire.

Chart #13; -ful in beautiful, are in care, tain in mountain, ure in pure, ture in pasture.

READING;  Monday;  Snickers - Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 128-141

                                         Milky Ways -  Strong and True pages 90-95; Q

                                         Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 86-90

                      Tuesday;  Snickers - Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 142-151

                                         Milky Ways -  Strong and True pages 96-101

                                         Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 91-97

                      Wednesday;  Complete reading assignments. Sign and returned envelope.  

                      Thursday;  Snickers -  Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 152-166

                                          Milky Ways -   Strong and True pages 102-111; R

                                          Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 98-102

Friday; Finish all reading not completed.

MATH;  Capacities

HISTORY;  Our country.

SCIENCE; Sun, moon and stars.