ICA Tag Everyone's It (JH and Secondary)

Starting this Tuesday our Junior High and Secondary will be playing a game called tag during Spirit Week. The video along with the rules are below. 


The Goal: To be the last person standing and never be tagged during the week along with earning points by tagging others.

Preparation: Each student will be given a card with a name on it. That is their person they must tag before 2:50pm that day.

The Rules: No running. Class time is off limits which means once the bells ring the game is paused till class let’s out.

How it works: The way someone gets tagged is by simply tapping the person on the shoulder without being seen or you being seen coming in for the tag. The person who tags their person must do so covertly without the other person knowing they are coming.  If there are any discrepancies Mr. Sands will judge whether the person is tagged or not.


Once a person is tagged the tagger reports to the office what person they tagged. Once a person is tagged they are out of the game for the week.

Each day the remaining students will be given a new name that they must tag.

At the end of each day at 2:50pm students who are still untagged report to the office for a roll call for the next days start.

The Points: Each tag receives points for your team

            -The team with the most remaining students on Friday will earn points for their team.