Indiana Christian Academy is pleased to be able to offer scholarships for families who need assistance with their tuition. We use FACTS to help establish scholarship needs. There is a $30 fee for that service. There are two scholarship opportunities available.

SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) Scholarship

The SGO scholarship is made available to students whose parents fall in certain financial criterion. Please contact our school office to find out if you qualify. The school number is 765.643.7884.

An SGO scholarship is made available through donations from people in our community, if you are interested in donating to ICA and receiving a 50% state tax refund, please contact our office 765.643.7884.

School Scholarships

Though limited funds are available, we are excited to be able to give families, who are struggling, financial assistance. If you are interested in this service, please go to our FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment service. There is a $30 fee for this service.

Tuition and Fees

Elementary - Senior High - $5,500 per year

Kindergarten - $4,750 per year 

Preschool Tuition

Full-Day (weekly rate) - $120 per week  

Full-Day - $25 per day rate

Half-Day - $13 per day rate

Other options are available. Our preschool program is very flexible so that we can accommodate your schedule. Please contact the school office for other payment options. 

Before and After-School

Before school is available to students beginning at 6:30am. Parents will be charged $ 0.75 per student every fifteen minutes until 7:30am.  

After school is available after 3:25pm until 5:30pm. Students will be charged $ 0.75 per student every fifteen minutes until 5:30pm. In order to allow our staff to get home to their families, we ask that students are picked up by 5:30pm. There is a $1.00 charge per minute after 5:30pm until the students are picked up.