Welcome to Mr. Humphrey's Class Page!

This page is dedicated to the secondary classes of the 7th and 8th grades (9th and 10th grade boys may be included at times as well). I am happy to be your teacher this year! I want to make History, Bible, and PE enjoyable! Help me help you in that aspect. This page will help you succeed in your classes, and it will provide essential information that you want to know. Students, this page will not replace listening or participating in class. So, listen in class, and use this page as a help in your studies this year. 

Homework for each week will be placed on this page each weekend, so if you want to work ahead, you are more than welcome to. In fact, I would be happy if you worked ahead! If you need anything, feel free to contact me either by text (304-993-1037) or by email (grant.humphrey@gracetoanderson.com). I prefer email, but if I do not reply within an hour by email, text me your question or tell me to check my email. Be aware, I will not reply to an email or a text after 10:30 pm!


May 15-19


8th grade History

Monday: study for test

Tuesday: study for test

Wednesday: none

Thursday: final prep

Friday: final prep


7th grade Bible

Monday: write out Bible verses 5 times by Wednesday (John 11:25)

Tuesday: write out Bible verses 5 times by Wednesday (John 11:25)

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Study for test on Monday