Academic advance


What is Academic Advance?

Academic Advance is an academic summer program designed to improve high school students’ skills in three main areas of mathematics, English/writing, and standardized test preparation. The math modules are designed to ease the transition between math classes and provide additional instruction in problem areas. The standardized test preparation provides practice for students who will be taking standardized tests such as ISTEP, ACT, PSAT, or SAT. The English/Writing sections will focus on reading comprehension, constructing responses and reviews of text after reading, self-editing for ideas and correctness, and writing from prompts.

Why should I consider Academic Advance?

Participating in Academic Advance has several key benefits. The first is improvement on standardized tests. Standardized test scores play a large part in what colleges students can get accepted into, what scholarships are available to them, and what classes students can test out of. Spending dedicated time preparing for standardized tests can significantly improve students’ results. For example, research from the College Board shows that 20 hours of test prep can result in an average gain of 115 points on the SAT ( With up to 30 hours of test prep built into the schedule, students have a significant opportunity to improve their standardized test scores.

The second benefit of Academic Advance is the lower student to teacher ratio. Smaller class sizes and individualized instruction can greatly improve student achievement. According to the Center for Public Education, smaller class sizes raise student achievement and those gains are multiplied the longer students participate in small class settings. Minority groups particularly benefit from the smaller class sizes and the academic gains seen in small class setting are long lasting (

A third benefit to Academic Advance is preventing the loss of academic ability over the summer vacation. According to David Quinn and Morgan Polikoff, students lose approximately one month of school learning over summer vacation. Summer school programs like Advanced Academics can stem this loss of learning and better prepare students to return to school in the fall (

What is the cost of Academic Advance?

Academic Advance will take place in two sections; the first section will be designed for students entering 7th grade through those entering 9th grade. The second section will be designed for those entering 10th grade through those entering 12th grade. Students outside these grade ranges will be considered on a case by case basis. Each section is three weeks long and runs from 9-12:15, Monday-Friday. The cost per student is $100 per week or $300 for the whole section. Family discounts for multiple students is $300 for the first student, $200 for the second student, and $100 for the 3rd student. Family discounts apply even if students are enrolled in different sections.

How can I enroll in Academic Advance?

At this point, we are looking to gauge interest in Academic Advance. If you are interested in the program, please follow this link to fill out a brief survey. By April 1st, we hope to know whether we have enough interest to successfully launch Academic Advance. Those who have expressed interest will then be contacted to continue with enrollment. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Mark Sherwin ( or Kim Plew (