Welcome to Second Grade! 

I am so glad to have you in my class! On this class page, you will find homework and upcoming announcements and reminders. Various links will be given to help with some homework assignments. 


Friday write List 19 one time, Pretest Monday

 Monday -Write Romans 1:16 one time, write misspelled words once

Tuesday -Write Romans 1:16 once, Write List 19 spelling works one time for Test tomorrow.                         

Wednesday - Write Romans 1:16 one time

Thursday - Spelling List 20 practice , be ready to recite Romans 1:16 Friday for grade.

Friday Write List 20, Practice test on Monday

Look below for the MobyMax link to help your child with his or her studies.


Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.



  • Each student should have a goal of reading 10 minutes each night. The homework reading counts toward the monthly goal as well. Your child may use the calendar page to help them reach their monthly goal as well.
  • The groups are the following with their assigned homework.
    • Purple Owls - Brady, Michael, Eli, Emma, Graison, Luke
      • Monday: Read 10 minutes
      • Tuesday: Read 10 minutes
      • Thursday: Read 10 minutes
      • Friday: Read 10 minutes
    • Orange Owls - Isaiah, Abby, Alanna, Audrie, Kendra
      • Monday: Read 10 minutes
      • Tuesday: Read 10minutes
      • Thursday: Read 10 minutes
      • Friday: Read 10 minutes
    • Blue Owls - Bella, James, Macy, Makenna, Malakhi, Sophia, Cayden
      • Monday: Read 10 miutes
      • Tuesday: Read 10 minutes
      • Thursday: Read 10 minutes
      • Friday: Read 10 minutes
    • Green Owls - Amber, Ben, Carson, Megan, Chandler, Bryleigh, Jenna
      • Monday: Read 10 miutes
      • Tuesday: Read 10 inutes
      • Thursday: Read 10 minutes
      • Friday: Read 10 minutes


Homework Helps

Spelling- I have provided a link for your child to find and practice their spelling list on Spelling City. The link will take you to my class page on Spelling City. On this site, you can find our spelling lists, and your child can practice their spelling list by taking practice tests or playing games using their spelling words.

Spelling City

MobyMax- Your child has a set up account with MobyMax. Your child will logon to his or her student account and be able to practice their reading, math facts, history, and science facts. They will also have access to any lesson presentations we use during the day to help them review that subject again.


Bible- Your child will be memorizing a new Bible verse each week. Your child may say the verse on Thursday, but only if they are ready. They may also say it on Friday. Either day is fine! Games can help your child with the memorization process. The student can fun and memorize their verses as well. :-) I have attached a PDF of a list of games to help your child memorize their weekly verse.

Bible Verse Memory Games

Math- Throughout the year, your child will be learning many math facts. Starting the first week, each student will be assigned to work on their addition flashcards. You can practice the addition with the flashcards, and your child can also practice independently with an addition game. You can choose the addition families you want to practice before you play. Your child will be able to practice and have some fun while they practice too! :-)

Flurry of Flavors - Addition Game

Ants Go Marching - Addition Game

Upcoming Dates