homework for the week of April 22nd - April 26th

BIBLE;  Matthew 28:6; “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”   (Know by Friday, April 26th)

SPELLING;   List #27

  1. says

  2. are

  3. your

  4. from

  5. I’m

  6. there

  7. because

  8. where

  9. mother

  10. been

  11. don’t

  12. were

  13. any

  14. some

  15. said (Pretest Wednesday, final Friday)

PHONICS;  Chart #12; a- in asleep, al in also, be in because, en in enjoy, un in unbutton, wr in wrinkle, ould in could, air in hair, u in push, ough in enough, arr in carry, ire in fire. (Test on Chart #12 this week)

Chart #13; -ful in beautiful, are in care, tain in mountain, ure in pure, ture in pasture, war in warm, tion in nation, sion in missionary, eigh in eight, or in sailor, ar in dollar, y in crystal, err in cherry.

READING;  Monday;  Snickers - Strong and True pages 67-75, L, M & N

                                         Milky Ways -  Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 56-61

                                         Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 138-146

                      Tuesday;  Snickers -  Strong and True pages 76-83, O

                                         Milky Ways - Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 62-68

                                         Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 150-159

                      Wednesday;  Complete reading assignments. Sign and returned envelope.  

                      Thursday;  Snickers -   Strong and True pages 84-89, P

                                          Milky Ways -   Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 69-73

                                          Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 160-168

Friday; Finish all reading not completed.

MATH;  Quarters, pennies, dines and nichols.

HISTORY;  US Monuments

SCIENCE; Magnets