homework for the week of feb 18 - FEB 22nd

BIBLE;  Psalm 4:8; “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.”

(Know by Friday)  

SPELLING;   List #20

  1. alone

  2. awake

  3. asleep

  4. around

  5. apart

  6. alike

  7. ago

  8. arose

  9. along

  10. aside

  11. afraid

  12. amount

  13. away

  14. again

  15. says

    (Pretest Wednesday, final Friday)

PHONICS;  Chart #11; o in shovel, a in banana, c in city, au in faucet, aw in saw, ea in leaf, ea in thread, ea in steak, ie in brownie, ey in key, ey in obey, ph in phone, ch in chorus, ought in thought, aught in caught, g in giant, dge in fudge.

Chart #12; a- in asleep, al in also, be in because, en in enjoy, un in unbutton, wr in wrinkle, ould in could, air in hair, u in push.

READING;  Monday;  Snickers - Kind and Brave pages 92-98; O & P

                                         Milky Ways -  Kind and Brave pages 92-98; O & P

                                         Butterfingers - Stepping Stones pages 106-115

                      Tuesday;  Snickers -  Kind and Brave pages 99-112; Q

                                         Milky Ways -  Kind and Brave pages 99-112; Q

                                         Butterfingers - Stepping Stones pages 116-119

                      Wednesday;  Complete reading assignments. Sign and returned envelope.  

                      Thursday;  Snickers -  Animals in the Great Outdoors pages 1-13

                                          Milky Ways -   Strong and True pages 6-15; A & B

                                          Butterfingers - Secret and Surprises pages 1-12

Friday; Finish all reading not completed.

MATH;  Plane & solid figures

HISTORY;  Symbols of America

SCIENCE; Wild animals