Welcome to Mrs. Csire's Kindergarten Class

Happy Friday!

We have learned a lot this week! In Bible we are learning the entire 23rd Psalm! We have learned how God takes care of us just like a shepherd takes care of his sheep. We have already mastered Psalm 23:1 and now working on 1 & 2. In Phonics, we are learning about special sounds, ck in duck, o in go, e me, y in fly, and ay in pray. We are reading more and more 2 vowel words everyday! In our Math we have learned how to recognize our numbers all the way to 100 and can even count them by ourselves. In Social Studies we learned more about Holland, tried some cheese and made a windmill.

We got a head start on our Bible verse, Psalm 23: 1&2 and will need to be able to recite it by Friday the 27th, so don’t forget to have your child practice. Please make sure your child reads this weekend. Practice makes progress!


Thank you all!

Mrs. Csire


These are the Bible verses we will be working on this year.