Welcome to Mrs. Csire's Kindergarten Class

It’s Friday!

 We had another exciting week here in kindergarten! In our Bible lessons we have learned about some of the miracles Jesus performed when he was here on earth. We have completed the first five verses of Psalm 23. In phonics our special sounds were; sp in spade, cr in crab, tw in twins, sn in snack and sl in sleep. We LOVE to read!  We are becoming beautiful writers too! In math we have learned all about spheres, cylinders, boxes, and cones. We are learning about the different kinds of clocks and how to tell time with them now. In social studies we learned about George Washington Carver, the Statue of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell. Believe it or not, we even got to go outside and play today!

Next week we will finish up the 23rd Psalm, and everyone has a copy in his/her folder so you can get an early start. We have another graduation meeting here in our room on Thursday the 23rd and please don’t forget…NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!  It is President’s day and we get a day off. When we return on Tuesday the 21st it is SPIRIT WEEK and it goes as follows: Tuesday.-FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM DAY, Wed.- FAVORITE COLOR DAY, Thurs.-FAVORITE DISNEY/PIXAR MOVIE DAY, Friday- ICA DAY- wear red, white, and blue or ICA clothes.

    RECAP- Practice Psalm 23 & READ, READ, READ!

Enjoy your LONG weekend!

Mrs. Csire


These are the Bible verses we will be working on this year.